Steve Tan – The Ultimate Ecom System

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Steve Tan – The Ultimate Ecom System

Steve Tan – The Ultimate Ecom System


“Who else wants a 30 day, in-depth education on how to grow an 
E-commerce business from ZERO to $1MM a Year or $1MM a Month… FAST?”


The Ultimate Ecom System is a 4 week online program with the sole goal of creating a profitable e-commerce business and getting it profitable in as short of time as possible with step by step proven methods DIRECTLY taught by 8 figure e-commerce experts Steve Tan and Evan Tan.

Upon purchase you will be given instructions on how to register for the member’s area of this program. The pilot program starts on May 1, 2018, and new modules and training videos will be unlocked weekly, for 4 weeks. The program will begin by showing you step by step how to find winning products, test them, scale them, and build a team who can help you scale your business profitably.

This is 100% beginner friendly. This program is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experience BUT also has A LOT of advanced principle, systems, and strategies for those who are looking to  make $1MM per year or $1MM per month. Through the 4 week course you will get everything you need to create or grow an e-commerce business quickly and profitably.

Week 1: Finding Winning Products

  • How to setup your store so it gets people to buy
  • How to find winning products over and over again
  • Best places to find products that can go “viral”
  • Store setup essentials required for maximum success
  • The “anatomy” of a winning product

Week 2: Launching and Testing  

  •  Our exact product testing system that quickly separates
 winning products from losing products
  • How to launch ads that grabs your customer’s attention
  • How to target correctly and quickly find audiences that 
have the highest probability of converting into customers
  • How to fulfill orders that come in efficiently

Week 3: Building Your Dream Team  

  • Our system for finding, hiring, and training superstars.
  • How to find and negotiate with vendors and suppliers who 
can give you the best quality at the best prices.
  • Advanced strategies your team can use to find hot products 
that “fly off the shelf”
  • The type of team members you need for 
a 7-8 figure business

Week 4: Scaling Systems  

  • How we scale from $1k a day to $10k a day… all the way 
to $100k+ a day
  • Inside the mind of an 8-figure E-commerce entrepreneur
  • How we turn up the profits by increasing conversion, 
average order value, and life time customer value
  • How to prepare for rapid scaling.


  • The Ultimate Ecom System ($7,500)
  • Access to members only FB group ($2,000)
  • Advanced Scaling and Mindset Training ($2,500)
  • Real World Value: $12,000
  • Start TODAY for just $2,500

Looking For A Refund Policy?

If you are already thinking of “failure” before we even get started, then this is NOT for you.

We are only looking for people who are excited to take action, ready to go all in, and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Like I said, this is about creating SUCCESS STORIES for us.


So we can’t risk having anybody in this group that doesn’t have what it takes to succeed… and it starts with how you SHOW UP.

You have seen PROOF with your own eyes that our stuff works, and people get results.

You’ve had a “taste” in your mouth of what our content is like in our last 3 videos, and all the jam-packed golden nuggets we have on our FREE Facebook group so you know what kind of value to expect.

If you FEEL in you gut that this is something that can change the course of your E-commerce business (and life) moving forward, and If failure is NOT an option for you, then this is for you.

Once you join, and you’re IN, then you’re FULLY IN…  and there are no refunds.

There’s no middle ground or grey area here.

You’re either ALL IN or all out.

If you join, and implement what we teach, this can be the most profitable investment you’ll ever make.

If you don’t, you’ll stay exactly where you are.

At this point, it’s not a question of “Does this work?” anymore…

It’s a proven fact.

The only question is “Are you going to be our next success story?”

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